S4HANA QM Training - Course Curriculum

                                     Course Content S4HANA-QM-Training

 QM Introduction

Ø Introduction of Business Process

  •     What is business process in general
  •  What are the QM business process
  •     Detail explanation of all the QM business process
  •   What is ERP Why SAP ERP


Ø QM integration with other modules

  •      Integration with MM.
  •      Integration with PP.
  •      Integration with SD.
  •  Integration with PM.

Quality Planning

Ø QM Master data

  •       Material master QM view, Inspection method,  sampling Procedure
  •       Catalogs and code groups,  Master inspection characteristics
  •       Inspection plan, Quality Info record
  •       Material master creation, Inspection type configuration


Integration with Procurement

Ø Incoming Inspection

  •       PO Creation
  •       Goods receipt
  •       Display Inspection lot
  •       Result recording (OK Flow)
  •       Usage decision
  •       PO Creation
  •       Goods receipt
  •       Display Inspection lot
  •       Result recording (Not OK Flow)
  •       Defect notification processing
  •       Usage decision




Ø Procurement control

  •       Supplier release
  •       Certif. check
  •       Inspection control

Ø Incoming Inspection

  •   Auto UD
  • Skip lots DMR
  •   Source Inspection

Ø In-process inspection

  •       Process flow
  •       Pre-requisites Result recording
  •       Defect recording
  •       Usage decision
  •       F3 Notification processing 

Ø Other Inspections

  •   Stock transfer inspection Recurring Inspection
  •   Integration with Manufacturing/Production

Ø Final Inspection

  •       GR inspection from production
  •       Early GR inspection

QM Analytics

Ø QM Analytics

  •       Inspection lot analytics
  •        Inspection lot detailed analytics
  •        Characteristics Analytics
  •        Characteristics detailed analytics
  •       Non-conformance Analytics
  •       Non-conformance detailed analytics
  •       Quality Engineer overview
  •       Quality Engineer overview
  •        Quality Technician overview
  •       Record Inspection Results
  •       Manage Usage decision
  •       Manage defects



Integration with Other SAP Modules

Ø Integration with Sales

  •       Inspection against Delivery
  •       Quality Certificates - Inspection against Delivery
  •       Customer complaint
  •       QN related Configuration

Ø Integration with PM

  •     Calibration inspection
  •        Defect creation M2 Notification Processing

Ø Integration with EWM

  •       EWM-QM inspection                                    

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